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Accounting and Business Intelligence Services

Our accounting staff takes care of the day-to-day, monthly, and annual close tasks. We also give monthly report bundles that contain both reconciliations and information useful to management and operational staff.

Our Healthcare accounting and business intelligence Services are supported by a large group of data scientists and business analysts who scour daily operating data for hidden patterns and insights. It then facilitates data-driven decision making and proactive action.

For our clients, we take care of everything related to making money. That implies you'll be on the hook for making sure all claims are paid in a lawful way, in full. What we acquire and how quickly we collect it are our primary concerns. When it comes to reimbursement, not only transactional completeness, and correctness, is what our training, procedures, systems, leadership, and technology are geared towards. We've built our tools and systems to improve the efficiency of these "process chores," with an eye towards improving final results.

The engagement model reflects this principle by providing RM Healthcare with incentives beyond work completion in the form of financial rewards. To demonstrate the confidence, we have in our operational and domain capacity to focus on client goals, nearly 70% of our business is based on a contingency fee model.


RM Healthcare handles more than 250,000 patient support calls each month