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CTMS offers investigators, collaborators and sponsors several benefits

Simplify — With the help of robust site and data management solutions like Medidata Rave, many of the tasks involved in launching and maintaining multi-site clinical trials and other complicated studies may be executed automatically.

Streamline — Accelerating the period between study completion and reporting and publishing is possible through improved efficiency in data collection, lock down (validation), and analysis. With the use of CTMS tools, researchers and members of study teams can spend less time on administrative tasks, freeing up time for study expansion.

Standardize — When completely implemented, CTMS will integrate seamlessly with other IT systems, and facilitate collaboration with industry sponsors, foundations and federal funding agencies.


CTMS offers investigators, collaborators and sponsors several benefits, including:

Our primary goal as project managers in charge of yours is to alleviate any pressure you may be feeling. We'll set up and oversee the trial's project team, as well as ensure that everyone involved is in the loop.

We monitor quality, cost, and delivery time very carefully. RM Healthcare has extensive experience with key performance indicator (KPI) analysis and management, risk reduction strategies, and prudent financial planning. We will also monitor and manage KPIs, deadlines, and expected trends that have been previously established. We are committed to ensuring the success of your clinical trial above anything else.

What our dedicated project team will do for you:

  • Plan and execute critical milestones for each study.
  • Provide excellent customer service and proactive communication.
  • Coordinate communication between all parties including
  • Investigators, committee members, and sponsors
  • Oversee day-to-day activities of all team members
  • Identify efficiencies and processes to improve your data quality.


  • There’s more to site management than simply monitoring. To keep adequate oversight at any given moment, you also must know all the details.
  • To manage your site efficiently, we:
  • Properly review the subject’s safety and the site’s adherence to regulations.
  • Maintain regular and proactive communication with all parties, at every stage from start-up to close-out.
  • Function as a primary point of contact during the course of your trial.
  • This collaboration increases the quality of your data and makes sure your trials run efficiently.
  • Feel free to contact us so we can further help you with your site management.


Choosing the right site is not an easy task. Yet, it is key to choose well, to avoid the need for a new site or replacement site during your trial. Our team is experienced and well informed, and will go the extra mile to find the site that suits your trial.

The right site meets many needs. It must fit the sponsors’ needs, but also the study requirements for start-up activities. Furthermore, the right site is a highly productive site in a suitable geographical location that can efficiently achieve your accrual goals. Choosing your site will be one of the most pivotal things to do when starting your clinical trial.


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