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Revenue Cycle Management Services

RM Healthcare helps health systems, hospitals, and provider practices streamline operations, reduce costs, improve outcomes, and enhance the patient experience.

Payer Administrative Services

Our Services help payers manage all aspects of risk adjustment coding, streamline quality reporting for improved Star ratings, and help manage provider and member communication on your behalf.

Pharma Market Access Services

We provide the administrative support you need to help your pharma clients’ patients receive the therapy they need quickly and cost-effectively.

Welcome to Revenue Management Healthcare

RM Healthcare is a Trusted Leader in Technology-Enabled Medical Billing Services.

RM Healthcare’s Revenue cycle management begins when a patient schedules an appointment for medical Services and ends when all claims and patient payments are collected. However, the life of a patient's account is not as simple as it appears.

To begin, when a patient requests an appointment, administrative staff must handle scheduling, insurance eligibility verification, and patient account creation. Pre-registration is critical for optimizing revenue cycle management processes in healthcare. Employees create a patient account during this step, which includes medical histories and insurance coverages.

RM Healthcare International Standards Organization (ISO) Certification

International Standards Organization (ISO) is an institution recognized worldwide as an authority for quality management. ISO seeks to establish standards for quality and organization of information and management systems.

ISO 9001 is one of the most established quality frameworks worldwide and sets the standard for quality management systems. It helps organization to identify the best processes for delivering quality Services to customers and helps in improving the way organizations are operated and managed.

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We Deliver Our Best

Deliver outcomes that improve the bottom line.

Our 1200+ employees help our clients scale rapidly by expanding capabilities and accelerating cash flow. Learn more about our medical billing Services.


Provider Revenue Cycle Management Services

RM Healthcare's service aids healthcare organizations in achieving operational efficiencies, cost savings, higher quality patient outcomes, and a better overall patient experience.


Payer Administrative Services

Our Services assist payers in managing all aspects of risk adjustment coding, streamlining quality reporting for higher Star ratings, and managing provider and member communication on your behalf.


Pharma Market Access Services

We provide the administrative support you require to ensure that your pharma clients' patients receive the therapy they require in a timely and cost-effective manner.


Clinical Communication Services

With our remote patient monitoring and telephone and message triage Services, you can increase staff efficiency, quality outcomes, and patient satisfaction.


Patient Access Services

We can assist your organization in improving patient access, patient satisfaction, and the overall quality and effectiveness of your revenue cycle.


Business Office Services

Our revenue cycle management Services leverage technology to help you reduce rejections and denials, identify and resolve underpayments, reduce A/R days, and deliver more timely, accurate reimbursements.


Data & Analytics via WhiteSpace Health

We provide a highly configurable and interactive Revenue Intelligence Platform that leverages the power of artificial intelligence to reduce revenue leakage, effectively manage operations, and optimize revenue.


Advanced Technology

Over 45 engineers are dedicated to developing sophisticated workflow management tools, as well as leading robotics process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence solutions.


Mid-Cycle Services

Our coding, auditing, charge capture, CDI, and registry Services aid in the reduction of coding backlogs, rejections, and denials while also improving compliance, efficiency, and reimbursement.



We put forth effort to learn what keeps our staff happy and loyal. This fosters an atmosphere where employees are happy to be of service and will go out of their way to satisfy the client.

A comprehensive view of a company's strengths and limitations, as well as a road map for building a loyal base of both employees and consumers, can be gleaned via a combination of customer and employee surveys.




Contentment of Customers


Continuous Education


Collaborative Governance


Optimistic Workforce


Team composition and diversity


Employee satisfaction and retention


Open communication


Embrace co-creation


Evaluate and learn

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