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Why Choose US RM Healthcare

RM Healthcare Services built by industry experts with over 75 years of cumulative experience,we offer customized healthcare solutions to our clients Our comprehensive Healthcare industry knowledge and skill enables us to provide innovative & complete solutions to our clients challenges. We optimize our clients’ revenue cycle by leveraging our knowledge & experience to reduce the operating and capital costs, to increase cash flow and productivity. We can help you save a great deal of time and money. We cultivate success by working with you to understand your unique needs. We foster a collaborative environment designed to share ideas that lead to high performance of medical practices. There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution to healthcare and we work to facilitate innovation and customize our best practices to meet your unique needs.

With RM Healthcare, you can enjoy numerous benefits of outsourcing

RM Healthcare revenue cycle management begins when a patient makes his or her appointment to seek medical Services and ends when all claims and patient payments have been collected. However, the life of a patient’s account is not as straightforward as it seems.


Achieve better results

12-hr time difference will help us achieve better results. With us, your work is taken care 24*5. You know, time is money.


Easy transition

We have expertise in working with 30+ billing software and we can work on the project immediately without the need for intensive training or a steep learning curve.


New projects

You can go for new projects anytime - We have expertise in 25+ major medical specialties..


Disaster Recovery Centre

RM Healthcare has established a Disaster Recovery Centre to manage business even at times of emergencies - promising business continuity.


ISO certified

We are ISO certified for information security management and we are HIPAA compliant. The complete work environment is secure – we have biometric access control at the work place.


Ultimate risk reversal

The ultimate risk reversal – It is our performance that will decide our client’s and our growth.

Assured Outcomes

The usual risks in making a change to a new or different service provider are:

  • Loss of knowledge in transition
  • Revenue dip during the switch
  • Performance erosion

A. Capturing and Preserving Business Knowledge

We understand the time sensitivity of your business and the detailed nature of your processes honed over years of experience.


B. Arresting Revenue Leakage

Your revenues are subject to outcomes, and we understand there can be no drop or dip in reimbursement during the transition.


C. Performance guarantees

Based on the financial analysis of the past data, RM Healthcare will propose a plan to improve collections over the base period.

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RM Healthcare Services is a premier Medical billing company


RM Healthcare handles more than 250,000 patient support calls each month