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Coding, Audits, and Compliance Services

The heartbeat of the RM business is also the sweet spot of our strengths. Ably led by veterans of the coding world, we have cutting-edge machine learning platforms helping our coders turn up error-free and compliant Medical coding Services.

We are proficient in the majority of the industry's main electronic medical record systems and can code for a wide range of medical specialties. We have developed interfaces with hospitals and other systems to verify the most recent modifications and additions to patient data and to cross-reference other reports to ensure accurate, precise, and compliant coding.


Coding, Audits, and Compliance Services

Our coders consistently clock high outputs, helped by these features in our Medical coding Services:

  • Machine Learning platform.
  • Support audits.
  • Robust continuous training programs.

Together, we can provide you with the best medical coding services and medical coding audit services available, ensuring that your money is well spent. Immediate results from proper coding are obvious in the form of much lower denial rates and higher collections. Incorporating a staff of AAPC-certified coders, our Medical Coding Services provide the following advantages:

  • Our team of trained coders work in a HIPAA-compliant IT environment.
  • Medical coding is done as per the latest CPT and ICD codes, CMS guidelines, and the workflows shared by our clients.
  • State-of-the-art Machine learning coding platform for faster and more accurate coding.
  • Our medical coding audit Services includes the charts be reviewed by a seasoned coding auditor to ensure accuracy in claims submission and faster payment turnaround times.
  • Our coders are trained in medical coding of multiple specialties.
  • Continuous training for coders to stay in track with the latest coding updates across specialties.
  • Detailed reports and analytics provide clients with complete transparency in our functioning.
  • The medical coding support is easily scalable to meet the requirements of your growing practice.


Benefits of Coding, Audits and Services:

We bring the following benefits to customers utilizing our Coding denial management Services.

  • Improve revenue realized by resubmitting denied claims
  • Access to a team of certified coders
  • Reduced Days in AR
  • Shift focus to denial prevention
  • Improve cash flow
  • Reduce Costs to Collect

RM Healthcare handles more than 250,000 patient support calls each month