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Revenue Cycle Analytics Services

Because of the decline in reimbursement rates, healthcare organizations need to build comprehensive reporting and analytics programs in order to comprehend the inefficiencies in their revenue cycle. Although the majority of practise management software includes tools for comprehensive reporting, the preparation of these reports as well as reports for periodic reviews demands self-discipline.


Our Revenue Cycle Analytics Services

You will have the ability to evaluate your performance and determine what steps need to be taken to enhance all elements of your medical billing procedures with the assistance of RM Healthcare's revenue cycle analytics Services. Our process teams will collaborate with you to develop and put into action complete process modifications in order to improve the results of your revenue cycle.


Accounts Receivable Analytics

Maintain close watch on the performance of your key performance indicators (KPIs) for accounts receivable in order to identify areas of improvement and find more effective ways to complete processes.


Denials Analytics

Gain an accurate understanding of the money that is being lost as a result of unpaid claims, hone in on the primary causes of claim denials, and locate strategies to strengthen your collection efforts. We assist you in developing a denial prevention procedure that can be maintained over time.


Revenue Cycle KPIs

Conduct a revenue cycle benchmarking exercise using industry standards such as MGMA benchmarks, and then pinpoint the areas in which you may make improvements.

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Our Revenue Cycle Analytics Services

Benefits of Analytics

  • Detailed Practice Health analysis provided month on month.
  • RPV Analysis by Payor.
  • Route cause analysis on the payment trend.
  • Service performance trend.
  • Payor performance trend.
  • DSO, 120+, cash from 90+.
  • Charges, payments, adjustments 3 months rolling.
  • Credentialing progress.
  • Movement in AR buckets & GCR, NCR.
  • Year on Year, Month on Month Comparison.

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