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Our Purpose

Our Mission is to "Be the most prestigious healthcare business process and IT Services team in the world.".


By providing industry-leading Services and products, we endeavor to have a significant and lasting influence on our customers' businesses.

To attain the finest outcomes, we will continuously innovate by leveraging the insights gained from our accumulated knowledge.

We shall facilitate the growth and prosperity of our employees and extended family, alumni, shareholders, and local communities.


Our Values

Our principles form the basis of our culture and the individuals we strive to become. We prioritize delivering value to our customers through the application of our expertise and abilities and collaboration with our partners.

Excellence - Concentrate on being excellent.

Integrity - Be uncompromisingly direct and honest.

Innovation - Question the status quo in order to create cutting-edge solutions.

Respect - Treat others as we would wish to be treated ourselves.

Courage - Never be fearful of doing the right thing.

Compassion - Build a culture of warmth and belonging through compassion.

Fun - Enjoy every minute and have a good time as we establish a successful business.


Want to be a part of a thriving culture? Recognizing the difficulties and pressures inherent in the revenue cycle management sector, we've developed a suite of perks for our employees that boost productivity and make the workplace more enjoyable. Expand your horizons professionally and emotionally within our enriching environment.

We are a rapidly expanding company with ambitious plans for the future.

Join us , and you'll be part of a team of A-listers. Awaiting you at RM Healthcare is a world of adventure.


We encourage you, whether you are a potential customer, business partner, or other stakeholder in our company, to learn more about our culture and how it might fit into the world in which you live. Send an email to with a brief description of the topic you'd like us to talk about.


RM Healthcare handles more than 250,000 patient support calls each month