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Charge Entry Services

The process of allocating a suitable dollar value to a patient account in accordance with the selected medical codes and the fee schedule that corresponds to those codes is known as charge entry. The charges that are entered for the medical services that were carried out are what determines how much the healthcare professional will be reimbursed for the medical services performed. The Charge Entry process must be finished without making any mistakes, as doing so may increase the number of claims that are denied. Through careful analysis of the medical services rendered, you can plug revenue leaks and recover millions of dollars in money that was previously wasted. We make sure that the teams responsible for coding and charge entry collaborate effectively in order to guarantee that the charges that are entered are correct, that all procedures are invoiced for, and that the codes that are assigned are compliant.


Benefits offered by our Charge Entry Team

We ensure effective collaboration between the coding and the charge entry teams to ensure that the charges captured are accurate, all procedures all billed for, and the codes ascribed are compliant.

  • Improve productivity and accuracy of the entry process through defined targets for our agents
  • Often our coding teams perform charge entry as well – depending on the functionality available in the billing software
  • We bring competency across medical specialties
  • Timely filing of claims through improved turnaround time by utilizing our deep global delivery model
  • Tracking of denial trends and benchmark of fee schedules on an ongoing basis to ensure that there is a reduction in claim denial
  • Optimize revenue and identify missed income through charge audit
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Charge Entry

  • Creation of New Patient account
  • Selection and Updating of Insurance /Self Pay..
  • Entry into billing system from coded documents..
  • Eligibility verification of insurance/IPA..
  • 97% - 98% accuracy rate confirmed by Client side audit teams..
  • Experienced Charge Entry team lead by a six sigma certified account manager.

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