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Billing & Transmission Services

We have a firm grasp of the regulations governing Medical Billing Services and payers, and we employ technological means to verify that these regulations are followed. Quick turnaround from the coders to transmission is guaranteed by our claims entry and transmission staff. Claims generation and transmission only take a few hours post-coding for clients where we have been able to deploy automated systems and Bots.


Our Medical Billing Services includes overcoming the usual challenges in the Charge entry process including:

  • Make sure the charge entered is not undervalued or overvalued vis-à-vis the value of the services you provided.
  • All supplementary services and materials are accounted for.
  • Keeping a perfect record of patient visits and never missing one.
  • Keeping detailed records of all medical procedures.
  • Any mistakes made when entering charges are caught before the claims are submitted.
  • Considering the causes of charge-entry rejections and working to eliminate them.

To create claims, we either manually enter costs or use electronic medical record interfaces to retrieve coded charts. To the client's PMS, we push charges that we've entered in our own systems.

To avoid delays in processing claims, we deploy workers at different times throughout the day as part of our medical billing services. To ensure minimal payment delays, clearing agency professionals work around the clock to monitor rejections and clear modifications through the payer portals.

RM Healthcare's automated system means there is no longer any need for human involvement in the charge input process. Our BOTs have built-in modifications that will scrub the claim to capture any inaccuracies on the claim form even before transmission, saving you time in addition to the obvious benefits.


RM Healthcare handles more than 250,000 patient support calls each month